Wednesday, 15 September 2010

More Light More Power Symbolism

St Leonard's Church Gate 2008

'More light more power' doesn't sound like a governmental slogan but around Shoreditch, Hackney the mantra-like catchphrase is carved in stone, iron and paper. The first time i spotted the slogan was in 2008 on the gate of St Leonard's Church. I really couldn't understand why the church would have this demonic looking one headed, two bodied lion wearing a crown on the gates.  'More light more power' seemed more at home in occult circles than sanctioned buildings in our fair city.

St Leonard's Church Gate 2010

So what the official line i hear the good folks say;

'The progressive policies of the Metropolitan Borough of Shoreditch led to the adoption of the Borough Motto, "More Light, More Power". This commemorates the provision of electric power to the Borough from the Vestry of St Leonard Shoreditch Electric Light Station, later known as the Shoreditch Borough Refuse Destructor and Generating Station. This building in Coronet Street  (now The Circus Space), burned rubbish to provide steam for the electricity generator, and the waste heat was used to heat the public baths. "More Light, More Power" is now the registered trade mark of Shoreditch Town Hall Trust.'

 Shoreditch Town Hall

I did  a Google search but if like me you've been using Google as a research tool for years Im sure you've already noticed the change as information is being blocked on a daily basis. I did find this on a website but couldn't validate it…

'More Light More Power, the master-stroke campaign slogan that catapulted President Obama into to the White House, gets a new spin here with this London 4-piece, that feels like something of a fusion between the amp-noise aesthetic of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and the prog-glam theatrics and bombast of Alice Cooper and T.Rex.'

I couldn't find any reference to Obama making the exact statement but oddly enough he does mention the words though not in that order in his Nobel Prize acceptance speech. 

London County Hall Building

On my current journey i came across the lion symbol on another former government building County Hall (next to the London Eye) except the slogan was missing. It should be noted the buildings that either feature the lion symbol or slogan are placed on ley lines.

Haggerston, Hackney

If you know the symbol and can shed more light on its history please comment so we can contact you or leave a web link to the information…Thanks

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