Sunday, 3 October 2010

Independent Order of Mechanics Preston Unity - Hackney

This building is in Hackney Wick just two minutes from the Olympic 2012 site. Its actually located beneath the A12 which in itself contains Egyptian and 2012 symbolism. The A12 is a long straight carriageway running for miles in both directions. I've noticed this building for years as I've NEVER seen anyone go in or out. Its clearly maintained as the sign has been freshly painted for as long as i remember. 

I found some information...

Mechanics - Besides the various masonic orders, there is another group active that is closely related to freemasonry: the Mechanics. Mechanism started in 1757 as a schism of a couple masonic lodges in England. In that year the Independent United Order of Mechanics was founded in the county Lancaster. From there it spread to the United States, Central-America and the Caribbean. Especially in those regions the order is still active today. Mechanism has in those areas a bigger attractive power to the local communities than the anglo-saxon Freemasonry. Mechanics-lodges in England and the Netherlands consist almost entirely of people from that region. Nowadays there are, as result of various schisms, several orders. Four of these orders appear to be active in the Netherlands:      

Independent United Order of Mechanics, Western Hemisphere, Friendly Society     

Independent United Order of Scottish Mechanics of the Universe     

Independent Order of Mechanics, Friendly Society, Preston Unity, United States    

Independent Order of Mechanics, Friendly Society, Preston Unity, Trinidad 

Mechanism has a lot of similarities with freemasonry. The first six degrees are almost identical to the masonic blue degrees. After these six degrees, there are some more, almost identical to the York rite of freemasonry (Mark degrees, Royal Arch and Knight Templars.

The Degree's

Pink Degree - Scarlet Degree - Green Degree - Blue Degree 
Red Knight Degree - White Degree

Independent Order of Mechanics – Preston Unity Inc. (U.S.):  District Grand Lodge Holland             

Loge King David 11 (Rotterdam)             
Loge Moraal 21 (Den Haag)             
Loge Prudencia 27 (Den Haag)             
Loge Tempel of Faith 30 (Amsterdam)             
Loge Zarall en Jael 39 (Amsterdam)             
Loge Eastern Light 42 (Rotterdam)             
Loge Morning Star 48 (Rotterdam)

Independent Order of Mechanics – Preston Unity (Trinidad)             
Loge Pride of Solomon’s Temple 7 (Amsterdam)             
Loge Solomon’s Temple 10 (Amsterdam)             
Loge Esther 16 (Amsterdam)   

The largest order of Mechanics (Independent United Order of Mechanics) consist of nine districts:

1. United States 
2. Trinidad & Tobago 
3. British Guyana 
4. Barbados 
5. United Kingdom 
6. Surinam 
7. St. Lucia 
8. Netherlands 
9. St. Vincent 
10. Grenada  


  1. i live in the hackney wick and noticed this masonic looing building instantly. I have seen many black men going in and out on a few occasions, so the connection with lodges in the carribean makes a lot of sense! I initially thught it would be a good place to squat, but maybe there are some dodgy things going on in there every now and then...


  3. Stay away from that area...Notice the number 666 on top of the pub and murders have also happened in that pub...

  4. drove past there a lot and noticed it also, whats crazy is i did not see anyone ever going in or out, then recently i see lights on ! ?

    did not notice the 666 pub, but know the one you mean, wow !

    any info on the murders ?

  5. There's a lot of recent movement there...The pub is just a few doors to the left, cant miss it...Im sure google with have more information the murders happened at events staged there in the 1980s, 1990s. I have a feeling it will be open for business for the Olympics...

  6. are you refering to "the white lion" pub. number 1 bartrip street. it's not a street, just a drive way.
    the lodge is used by africans. seen them loads, always having a great time!