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Occult Rituals of BBC's EastEnders (updated)

TV Soap Eastenders has been broadcasting six days a week for many years on BBC. The flagship show has won countless awards and so too has its actors. The show is based on East London depicting local people as twisted alcohol swigging murderers, rapists, pedophiles, addicts and manically depressed. Yet millions tune in everyday thoroughly unaware of the occult rituals being externalised before your very eyes.  The program even spills its filth on sacred holidays such as 25th of December.

I watched the program almost religiously as a form of light entertainment which took me away from my studies. I only recently became distinctly aware that something wasn't quite right. This year marks the shows 25th anniversary. This was celebrated in February (19th) 2010 by broadcasting an entire episode LIVE. My observations are mostly based around the broadcast on the night before (February 18th)

I'm aware of the externalisation of occult practices through music videos and films but was taken by surprise to see how much symbolism was contained within those particular  episodes. I really don't have the time right now to do an in-depth study but i thought I'd point some things out. Individually they mean nothing as a whole the evidence builds a chilling picture.

In no particular order of events...

Bianca & Ricky's Wedding Day

Church Yard: Bianca v Mum (White / Gray Witches?)

Bianca and her mother scream at one another about virtues and motherhood, each accusing the other of being a bad mother. They get physical which ends in Bianca being pushed and falling on top of a burial mound. The mother says 'thats where you belong, with the dead' The argument continues until Bianca is called back into the church because Billy tells them the 'priest is going mad' (something like that).

Bianca rushes back into Church and down the aisle. The back of her white bridal gown is soiled from falling on top of the grave.

Soiled Dictionary Definition; 1. To make dirty 2. To disgrace 3. To corrupt

Outside in Church Yard: Janine

As Janine approaches the church we notice a coffin being unloaded from a hearse. We then get a full close up of the coffin being carried and two unhappy people in black (Male / Female)  

Wedding Party Clothing : Meaning of Colors

Purple (Head to Foot): Peggy / Pat (cant find shot) - These two females are perhaps the strongest characters on the show. Normally if the women arrive at any given location wearing the same colours or clothes they would both have something to say about it. Yet at the biggest event of the year they're fully draped in purple and not a mention of it. 

Two men were wearing purple shirts and when shown in shot they were drinking alcohol (my distinction isn't alcohol its the ideal of lawlessness).

Lucy Beale (teenager) and Shirley Girl: Both have purple in costumes. One wears a jacket the other has purple hair highlights. Other children wear purple.

Does she look like someone else we know?

Why is this symbolic at a wedding?

The Colour Purple: Induces the power of Mercury and influences Occult Forces, Hidden Aspects and Secret Dealings.  Purple is used by those who work with pure divine power (Magicians, Priests and Priestesses) and those who wish to deepen their spiritual awareness of the God and Goddess.

The third strongest character on the show is also a woman named Shirley (alcoholic) and she was dressed from head to foot in black including a black hat which i found odd considering it was a wedding. Shirley was also acting very strange as if adopting the persona of the costume she is wearing. This is the woman whom caught the flowers thrown by the bride...
This isnt the only wedding to happen on this day and it should be noted that these two wedding were billed as the highlights of the year until that point. The other wedding was held almost in secret, Stacy and Bradly were getting married on the quiet with only Stacy's mother and Bradly's father as witnesses. Stacy was actually sleeping with both father and son at one point though at the time of wedding she was pregnant by a older man (Archie) who had raped her during the midst of her mental breakdown. Bradly stepped up to the plate and proposed marriage regardless of whether or not he was the father. The man (Archie) who did rape Stacy was murdered by an unknown assailant though his daughter (Ronnie) was in the frame along with possibly two other suspects including Bradly. 

Once the wedding ritual is completed behind closed doors with only two people as witnesses 1. Female 2. Male The doors are swung open by the father who stands aside to let the newly weds walk out first together. They stop and kiss standing in front of a staircase banister…In the centre of shot just below the couple kissing is a statue of a semi-naked woman with what appears to be her hands tied to a stake. This for me symbolised witches being tied to a stake considering the disheveled clothing and nakedness of the woman.

The couple then walk to the top of the stairs where the mother and father run down stairs to take photographs of couple. Bradley gives a silly wave with right hand whilst the left arm is hidden behind Stacy. You can see that when he waves the left arm isn't hugging his wife such as the way she's hugging him.

So? Considering we cant see his left arm, i wont argue this point
. Only the people involved know whether his arm was hanging by his side or not though i repeat it isn't around her waist.

Symbolism: As Above, So Below (Occult, Freemasonry, Astro-Theology)

They then walk down steps that i have yet to count…Outside on the steps we notice there isn't a single person around. Just the couple and the Guardians...All together weird and uncanny considering the huge wedding happening simultaneous down the road.  I tried finding a long shot of this scene which shows the four of them outside so you can see NO-ONE is around the building, no-one...its odd.


The Wedding Day Reception (Bianca / Ricky)

666 - Queen Victoria Pub - Wedding Reception

Two of the biggest scenes in the show were performed into front of a mirror with a framework made of shapes resembling the number six…666…Can be easily spotted in the frame…If that isn't enough the dialogue played out in each scene mentions the word father

Scene 1: Married Couple 2 = Bradley and Stacy 666

Stacy tells Bradley that the child she carries doesn't belong to the man (Archie) that raped her in an earlier episode. Bradley then asks who the father actually is…Stacy says she doesn't know…666 are seen in full shot.

Scene 2: Janine v Ronnie - Victoria Pub 666

Janine grabs Ronnie by the arm and asks whether she set her up and accuses her of killing her own father (Archie), 666 is seen in full shot. The symbols are registered subconsciously and the conscious mind connects the sounds with the symbol. The term FATHER has been imprinted along with the symbol on two occasions (next day on live broadcast both mirrors are GONE).

Victoria Pub: Ronnie (Archie's Daughter)

The pub is filled with people when Roxy notices her sister on her hands and knees inspecting the spot where her father was killed. She tells Roxy 'there was blood on the floor'. 

Victoria Pub: Outside - Jack v Janine

Jack (ex-policeman / uncle of Bradly) and Janine argue about the death of Archie. She accuses him of killing the man or the fact he protects his suspect sometime girlfriend Ronnie though he also had a baby with her sister on the quiet. He reactions violently grabbing her arm and calls her a 'poisonous witch'

Later: Ronnie Throws Red Paint at Bill Board

Ronnie is upset at what happened in the pub with Janine, she is also dealing with many internal demons from childhood and the horrible things that have happened to the character in the months leading to this point. Even to the point of being accused of killing her father. She came outside the pub looking up at the bill board featuring a huge photograph of Archie. She  looks around for something to throw at the poster and luck would have it, a tin of red paint is thrown at the bill board. The episode finishes on a close up of her painted hand...

Bradly Live Rebirth - Live Broadcast - 19th February 2010

This is what confirmed my thoughts for me personally, I've noticed that rebirth or regeneration seems to play a role in secret society rituals reminiscent of ancient Egypt. The live broadcast actually made TV history in that it was the first time a show of that nature was filmed absolutely live as it happened. The live show was a continuation of the wedding reception but back in the pub the mirrors mentioned above with 666 in frame were both gone. A major plot point is revealed when we find out that Stacy was the one that killed Archie. Her husband ends up falling from a roof running from police as they come to question him about Archie's murder. The last shot of that live broadcast was  close up of Bradly's bloody face laying on the ground dead. 

Viewers are then encouraged to switch to another BBC channel where a camera crew were picking up the live broadcast which began with presenter George Lamb who kicked off the show standing next to Bradly who hadn't even got up from the last scene of him laying on the floor. As Lamb speaks to camera Bradly appears totally despondent even though millions of people were still watching. Blood dripping from his face the pair continue the interview discussing the role and the future for Bradly who was obviously killed off the show.

End Credits

The historic broadcast had finished credits begin to roll against a montage background of tiny screens showing video clips you really couldn't make out. Accompanying the irregular credits were what sounded like hundreds of whispering voices from those said video clips. When paused you can barely make out scenes that doesn't fit within the programs framework. Some are sexually provocative, some violent, some manic, and some just odd. What stands out most for me was a close up of a woman's bright red lips and the audio soundtrack of whispering voices. I knew immediately that the makers of the program regardless of the actors role in this trickery are fully aware of what they are producing. Everyone seems to point at Hollywood for creating mass illusions when the true masters of illusion are living on these very shores.

Eastenders has been Britain's most watched program for decades but based on personal memory rarely anything good happens to anyone on the show. Its full of doom, gloom and worst case scenario scripts. There's no let up on Christmas Day either, in fact, something horrible always happens on this day as its broadcast to practically the entire country. Same again on New Years Eve, something traumatic always happens. 

Yet millions of people tune in and watch religiously but WHY? Unless I've not spelled it out any clearer in this post, witchcraft its being used against the masses by way of TV, Film and Music...Eastender's is an extension of this sorcery. I say switch it off or throw your TV out the window. You need spiritual defense and we're not talking churches, new age or worshiping the sun. As individuals we each have the power of the entire global village, NEO has nothing on your potential...


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