Monday, 9 July 2012

Olympic Green and Pleasent Lands 2012

Where many were somewhat surprised to learn the Olympic 2012 Opening Ceremony is to be conducted in a countryside setting. This confirmed that ley line energies are being utilised on this special occasion. The occasion we speak of isn't the Olympics, these games are merely a vehicle to maximise human participation in an event certain folks have anticipated for eons. The idilic setting consists of several ley markers, oak tree, bell, 4 cardinal point markers, various livestock including animals traditionally used for sacrifices. Filmmaker and Ceremony Designer Danny Boyle even called it 'a green and pleasant land' (Sky News, BBC News). Its a William Blake 'Milton' quote that we've heard many times before although as far as we know the quote was only used publicly once before in relation to the Olympic games.

Rik Clay (RIP) used the quote years ago when dissecting the meaning of the Olympic Games 2012. The Ancient Hackney blog is dedicated to Rik Clay who made an outstanding youtube video series outlining the true rituals of the games. Sadly as with many great teachers it was said he lost his mind shortly after making the video and committed suicide! He stated the Knights Templar (Temple Mills) site chosen for 2012 was actually the first steps in creating a New Jerusalem in the UK.  Danny Boyle quoted the exact same William Blake poem many years later when describing his concept. It should be noted that Blake's 'Milton' works speak of satan's redemption

Blake's poem

And did those feet in ancient time.

Walk upon Englands mountains green:

And was the holy Lamb of God,

On Englands pleasant pastures seen!

And did the Countenance Divine,

Shine forth upon our clouded hills?

And was Jerusalem builded here,

Among these dark Satanic Mills?

Bring me my Bow of burning gold;

Bring me my Arrows of desire:

Bring me my Spear: O clouds unfold!

Bring me my Chariot of fire!

I will not cease from Mental Fight,

Nor shall my Sword sleep in my hand:

Till we have built Jerusalem,

In Englands green & pleasant Land

Glastonbury Tor is one of the featured ley markers. We followed a link from the BBC website which lead us to a site outlining the special history of this ancient site. On the website is a specially designed map detailing the position of hundreds of ley lines firing in all directions from Glastonbury Tor. This site is linked to Knights Templar as well as King Arthur, Knights of Round Table and the Holy Grail itself. Legend states the labelled coffins of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere were discovered there in 1191 (see Gerald of Wales). In Celtic mythology the Tor is also identified with Gwyn ap Nudd (first Lord of the Underworld) and King of the Fairies. It was an entrance to Annwan or Avalon  (Land of the Fairies).  In the Olympic Opening Ceremonies the Tor is used as an entrance / gateway to the theme created by filmmaker Danny Boyle. Coincidence or synchronicity?


There are currently many many theories abound as too what exactly could happen during this period. Some are quite laughable while others hold some water. Bloggers cite from Project Blue Beam  claiming holographic UFOs will either attack or make their presence known. Thus producing Marshal Law and a militarised state of total domination over surviving masses. Bloggers also foresee a false flag terrorist attack that also ends with Marshal Law and a militarised state of total domination over surviving masses.

What do we think?

We've researched many theories and agree on the feasibility of the mentioned theories bt don't believe they will come to fruition during this period. Magick and sorcery is at hand and whatever happens over the coming weeks we believe the energy of the planets population will be used to manifest invisible negative entities. Thus producing a multidimensional gateway between the Lords of the Underworld and the Lords of the Outerworld.  Our guardians will be working overtime during this period we advise your guardians do the same.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Sun and Moon Sculpture Mark Olympic Ley Line PT.2

In part one of this blog we briefly discussed the placing of yet another sun / moon sculpture on a ley line running through the Olympic 2012 site. This new marker is placed further along that ley line in the direction of the Olympic site in TEMPLE MILLS.  The 'throne' was built on 1st October 1990 and as yet we are unaware of the date for this piece although we know its relatively new and formed as part of the Olympic proceedings although it wasn't mentioned in local press.

 Background: Bridge over Canal connects another Ley Line from different direction

 Nearest to Olympic Park (centre right)



Sun and Moon Sculpture Mark Olympic Ley Line PT.1

We can live, work and play in a place for decades or all our lives without recognising synchronicity taking form in full Technicolor. In the last year we have discovered so many things about the place in which we lived for a lifetime. It's almost as if a veil has lifted and we see what our learning allows us to visualise. Years ago we would've questioned many of our discoveries and most likely have put them down to coincidence but one can only go so far with coincidence before realising something deeper and more meaningful is happening at the very moment we have such realisations.  Our personal discoveries are not marked out on any maps or even tourist maps and when they are mapped out and historically scripted we must question the authenticity of said mythology.  At worst it should be considered misleading but this is much more than that. If this wasn't premeditated why would our discoveries be organised in straight lines over vast expanses. It also appears that many newish structures are constructed in straight lines and in accordance with sacred geometry principles.

We recently happened across the structure set out below which is organised as a circle and placed on  Water Authority land (the question on the legitimacy of land ownership is another blog) and commissioned by said corporation.

Dedicated to nature it includes all manner of symbolism...constructed in an isolated area next to a canal and right next to LEAbridge Road (Extended ley line running through east London). Its also in alignment with a brand new sculpture which we'll discuss in part two of this post and the Olympic 2012 site. 

                                                                Seat of Throne
                                                                Seat of Throne

TOP LEFT 'Natures Throne'
Second Left Male-Female Sculpture (pt.2)

We will be updating this post as well as creating part two which shows a new sculpture of a Male-Female.

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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Chemtrails over Hackney Home of Olympics 2012

We've been shooting chemtrails in Hackney skies for sometime now but recently we noticed the skies are being sprayed almost everyday. Although you cant make it out from the image, there is a plane making a 35 degree turn in middle of shot. It happened on 30th March. There are many theories on what exactly is going on in the skies above.

Wiki Says: 

The chemtrail conspiracy theory holds that some trails left by aircraft are actually chemical or biological agents deliberately sprayed at high altitudes for purposes undisclosed to the general public in clandestine programs directed by government officials.[1] This theory is not accepted by the scientific community, which states that they are just normal contrails, and that there is no scientific evidence supporting the chemtrail theory.  As a result of the popularity of the conspiracy theory, official agencies have received thousands of complaints from people who have demanded an explanation.[1][2] The existence of chemtrails has been repeatedly denied by scientists around the world, who say the trails are normal contrails.[3] The United States Air Force states that the theory is a hoax which "has been investigated and refuted by many established and accredited universities, scientific organizations, and major media publications".[4] The United Kingdom's Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has stated that chemtrails are not scientifically recognized phenomena.[5] The Canadian Leader of the Government in the House of Commons has rejected the idea of chemtrails as being a "popularised expression", adding that "there is no scientific evidence to support their existence."[6]  The term chemtrail is derived from "chemical trail", in the similar fashion that contrail is a portmanteau of condensation trail. It does not refer to other forms of aerial spraying such as crop dusting, cloud seeding, skywriting, or aerial firefighting.[7] The term specifically refers to aerial trails allegedly caused by the systematic high-altitude release of chemical substances not found in ordinary contrails, resulting in the appearance of characteristic sky tracks. Supporters of this conspiracy theory speculate that the purpose of the chemical release may be for solar radiation management, population control,[1] weather control,[2] or biological warfare/chemical warfare and claim that these trails are causing respiratory illnesses and other health problems...
Union Jack?

The Official explanation for this so called conspiracy theory?


Wiki Says:

Contrails (short for "condensation trails") or vapour trails are artificial clouds that are the visible trails of condensed water vapour made by the exhaust of aircraft engines. As the hot exhaust gases cool in the surrounding air they may precipitate a cloud of microscopic water droplets or, if the air is cold enough, tiny ice crystals.[1]  The wingtip vortices which trail from the wingtips and wing flaps of aircraft are sometimes partly visible due to condensation in the cores of the vortices. Each vortex is a mass of spinning air and the air pressure at the centre of the vortex is very low. These wingtip vortices are not the same as contrails.  Depending on atmospheric conditions, contrails may be visible for only a few seconds or minutes, or may persist for many hours, which may affect climate.[2]  Contrails tend to last longer if there is higher moisture in the atmosphere and associated higher level clouds such as cirrus, cirrostratus and cirrocumulus already present before the plane flies through.


Its the build up to the Olympics in Hackney. These are the skies above Hackney almost everyday. we've become accustomed to the military aircraft flying over our castles but now this is getting much more regular...
                                                MORE PHOTOS COMING SOON

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Stone Markers and Play Space Childrens Parks

Hackney has seen many changes in the past five years. Some good and some bad depending on ones definition of such matters. If your one of our regular visitors you will know that we have mentioned connections between energy vortexes and children's playgrounds built on top of them. Examples are found throughout Hackney. As a regular visitor you will also note that we have discovered covert stone circles in various parts of the borough.

We've spoken before about the dangers to be found in the children's play areas around Hackney and the new placements of stone markers.  Recently we have discovered many play parks with newly placed stone markers hidden away on working class council estates. All of which bare the signs of being placed on ley lines and in alignment with other markers such as churches, mounds and place names.

1 Frampton Park Estate - Mason House - Hackney

We are still astonished that a play park for children containing these massive stone markers would ever get approved.  

So what do we have? Mason House, Stone Markers, Small Mound, 3 Stepped Slide, Dead Tree and alignment with church on otherside of flats.

Blue Swing (Water?)
Taken from Mason House Angle

This church lines up with the 'Play Space' and stone markers. Mason House is almost in direct aligment with this church . It's directly aligned with the stone markers in the play area.

2. Gascoyne Estate - Hackney Wick

What do we have? Stone Markers, Mounds, Olympic Alignment

Blue = Aquarius? Water?

The parks have all been commissioned by Department for Children, Schools and Families. They are called 'PLAY SPACE' and the companies logo is a rainbow which also forms part of the sign left at every 'PLAY SPACE' built. Some of you may be aware of the connections between projects such as MKUltra's Manniquin or Monarch programs. They too place a great deal of importantance on the use of Rainbows for projects involving mind control of subjects from childhood. 

'Over the rainbow in Oz is for the Monarch slave to be in a trance, and into a certain area of the programming. To be fluctuating at both ends as an observer and not a participant or to go to the other extreme and become a participant. The theme song of the movie goes, “Somewhere over the Rainbow...there’s a land where the dreams that you dare to dream really come true.” These lyrics are a method to hypnotically confuse the brain to perceive that the “over the Rainbow experience” (which is usually horrible abuse) is a “dream”. The dissociative mind is only too happy to call the trauma a dream, which is lived as a reality for a moment, but is nevertheless recorded by the mind as a fantasy. The term for this is cryptoamnesia, which means the process where the proper functioning of memory is hypnotically messed up. The slave’s internal world becomes “reality” and the external real world becomes the Land of Oz which is perceived as make-believe.'


So what do we have? Unfinished Metalic Rainbow, Helicopters (Industrial Military Complex?), Zombie Kids (massive eyes), Mounds, House (crypt?), Child over Rainbow, Phallic City-Scape

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Dark Pubs of Hackney

The traditional pubs of Hackney are also connected to occultism, sorcery or magic practices even if the landlords are completely oblivious to the actual definition of the pubs name or indeed the symbolism featured within the very fabric of the location.  The symbols may well be blatant like the ones featured in this blog others are hidden in such details as the pubs address or by the very fact it was built on a ley line / vortex.

We wont argue that all the old pubs are built this way but its clear from all our research that this may well be the case. In Hackney before we even knew what freemasons meant we were made aware as kids that all the pubs were owned by freemasons. Again we're not saying that freemasonry is wrong blah blah blah, most of you don't even know its true history or even care. Like any good willed organisation its gets infiltrated and changed from within.  We are friendly with many different folks and they don't all have dark souls most are happily oblivious and consider such networks as useful tools for personal advancement in business.

Truman pubs are very interesting, many of them have 666 stamped visibly outside for all to see. Yes, its cleverly disguised as the date the brewery was founded but all the same Truman Brewery was founded in 1666.

Their Logo is an Eagle and 1666…

This is one of their pubs just off BETHNAL GREEN road. We'd like to document its name but as you can see from the photo, there doesn't appear to be a name.

Did you notice the decorations?

Doesn't appear to be very friendly! it looks like a demon but lets be frank not just any demon but the one we've come to know through constant conditioning as santa oh sorry did we say santa thats another blog, we mean of course satan.

We're gonna snap more pubs this was just the start…

Thursday, 13 October 2011

New Age Games Hackney 2011 and Ley Vortexes

We shot the New Age Games banner and really only wanted to write a short blog about the banner and its placement. When we sat down to do some research and write a few words, we began to see the complexity of writing a blog on the banner. It's an interesting title to apply to such games so to is the photograph chosen to reflect the ideology of the games. A typical sun-worship (new age)  body position and if you notice they are standing on a multifunctional ball court which represents Fertility amongst other things. 

 You Can See The Ley in Background (middle centre)

NOTE: This clearly isnt the actual multifunctional ball court feature in New Age Banner
It is the same type of court and these courts can also found in Hackney Downs

So we googled it and found some outdated information on Hackney Council's websites until eventually finding the programme for April 2011.  It never surprise's us when we discover occult symbolism contained within government literature, so on seeing The Venus Map which came as part of a two page official timetable of events, our response amounted to nothing more than a raising of the eyebrows.

Note: Hackney Parks are either aligned vertically, diagonally or horizontally
Look at the names of the places involved in the games

Venus has many many faces and whilst some may conjure up an image of supreme beauty and admiration encouraged by Roman Mythology. Venus also has a dual occult connection with the Morning Star also known as Lucifer

'Lucifer is a name that in English generally refers to the devil before being cast from heaven. In Latin, from which the English word is derived, Lucifer means "light-bearer" (from the words lucem ferre). It was the name given to the dawn appearance of the planet Venus, which heralds daylight. For this meaning, English generally uses the names "Morning Star" or "Day Star", and rarely "Lucifer".
The New Testament does not name the devil as Lucifer. Use of this name in reference to a fallen angel stems from an interpretation of Isaiah 14:3-20, a passage that speaks of a particular Babylonian King, to whom it gives a title that refers to what in English is called the Day Star or Morning Star (in Latin, Lucifer), as fallen or destined to fall from the heavens or sky. In 2 Peter 1:19 and elsewhere, the same Latin word Lucifer is used to refer to the Morning Star, with no relation to the devil. However, in post-New Testament times, the Latin word Lucifer has often been used as a name for the devil, both in religious writing and in fiction, especially when referring to him prior to his fall from Heaven.' Wikipedia

We've written a few blogs on the sacred geomancy or ley line energy of Hackney Downs, we've also written our personal opinions on how the possibly neutral ley currents might be manipulated to serve a negative purpose. Last summer we cycled through Hackney Downs twice a day and though on most days, normally when cycling from the vortex centre toward the church and New Age Games sign, we feel positive energy though when cycling from the New Age Sign end, the energy sometimes feels entirely different.

Note: 13 Stones & 13 Trees (right side) Lead To Ley Vortexes in Centre

Over the past two months we noticed a plaque attached to the first tree at one end of the path and the last tree at the other end. There are 13 trees and 13 stones aligning the right-side and both signs are attached to this group of trees. 

As you can see on the plaque the spirit of 13 young people whom died (many still say murdered) a gruesome death by fire is imprinted onto this section of ley line. The New Cross Fire is in a completely different part of London governed by its own supreme council. We're sure some readers may say it's a good will gesture from a multicultural borough such as Hackney.  To you we say open your eyes and open your mind, truth can only be discovered by shinning a light into the crevices. Hackney Council dedicated this causeway to the memory of death by fire and by council we're not speaking of those charming ladies and gentlemen with low/high level security name tags. We speak of the Supreme Council, who else could govern such large scale occult planning and implementation?

Note: Plaque on Tree Nearest Ley Vortexes in Centre