Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Sun and Moon Sculpture Mark Olympic Ley Line PT.2

In part one of this blog we briefly discussed the placing of yet another sun / moon sculpture on a ley line running through the Olympic 2012 site. This new marker is placed further along that ley line in the direction of the Olympic site in TEMPLE MILLS.  The 'throne' was built on 1st October 1990 and as yet we are unaware of the date for this piece although we know its relatively new and formed as part of the Olympic proceedings although it wasn't mentioned in local press.

 Background: Bridge over Canal connects another Ley Line from different direction

 Nearest to Olympic Park (centre right)



Sun and Moon Sculpture Mark Olympic Ley Line PT.1

We can live, work and play in a place for decades or all our lives without recognising synchronicity taking form in full Technicolor. In the last year we have discovered so many things about the place in which we lived for a lifetime. It's almost as if a veil has lifted and we see what our learning allows us to visualise. Years ago we would've questioned many of our discoveries and most likely have put them down to coincidence but one can only go so far with coincidence before realising something deeper and more meaningful is happening at the very moment we have such realisations.  Our personal discoveries are not marked out on any maps or even tourist maps and when they are mapped out and historically scripted we must question the authenticity of said mythology.  At worst it should be considered misleading but this is much more than that. If this wasn't premeditated why would our discoveries be organised in straight lines over vast expanses. It also appears that many newish structures are constructed in straight lines and in accordance with sacred geometry principles.

We recently happened across the structure set out below which is organised as a circle and placed on  Water Authority land (the question on the legitimacy of land ownership is another blog) and commissioned by said corporation.

Dedicated to nature it includes all manner of symbolism...constructed in an isolated area next to a canal and right next to LEAbridge Road (Extended ley line running through east London). Its also in alignment with a brand new sculpture which we'll discuss in part two of this post and the Olympic 2012 site. 

                                                                Seat of Throne
                                                                Seat of Throne

TOP LEFT 'Natures Throne'
Second Left Male-Female Sculpture (pt.2)

We will be updating this post as well as creating part two which shows a new sculpture of a Male-Female.

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