Thursday, 20 January 2011

666 - The Divine Harmony - Book

For thousands of years 666 has come to be associated with just one thing - the personification of evil: But as this book quite definitely illustrates, 666 has entirely different origins: Not as many suppose - the embodiment of all evil, but as a Universal number that goes to the very heart of existence. This book places 666 in its proper context - a natural, universal, and transcending significance, whose special harmony is to be found as a ubiquitous mark of identity displayed throughout creation. Stunningly, its terrestrial dimensions unite cultures and religions everywhere. Even more remarkably, 666 is the key to a cosmic destiny, whose time cycles are locked into the very proportions of the Universe itself.Time-line of history. 

Sensationally 666 is also the key to the secret of Atlantis, and its astonishing connection to the prime meridian at Greenwich. But more than anything, this book constitutes a unique journey, charting the mystery of our origins against a repeating set of disasters, that have frequently brought Humanity to the point of extinction. Moreover this journey is a uniquely human experience, encompassing subjects as diverse as the Master Builders, the Culture Bearers, the Hollow Earth, and the rise of the Anti-Christ. In addition 666 - The Divine Harmony analyses the fears and expectations of this age as seen through the visionary insight contained within the quatrains of Nostradamus, and the Book of Revelation. The result is a definitive view of this crucial epoch of human existence - a time without comparison in recorded history.

 About the Author

Born and raised in Gibraltar, at the very site of the ancient Pillars of Hercules, Harry Hinde has written extensively on a vast number of topics associated with the occult and paranormal. As well as editing numerous web-sites, he has worked as a photo journalist for numerous publications, and his freelance work has been syndicated worldwide to the press of over 50 nations. His special interests include astrology, astronomy, Atlantis, ley-lines, prophecy, and the Anti-Christ. The author also has a keen interest in ancient Egyptian religion, as well as a deep fascination for the main oracular sites of the ancient Greek world. 

666 - A World Blueprint

Amongst other things 666 - The Divine Harmony highlights an amazing blueprint of design featuring the layout of the worlds sites and cities. Below are some examples concerning some of the most important sites of the English capital London.

666 things you didn’t know about London.
London to a measure of 666

Buckingham Palace - Westminster Cathedral = 666 metres.
Buckingham Palace - Wellington Monument = 666 metres.
Buckingham Palace - Victoria Station = 666 metres.
Buckingham Palace - Houses of Parliament = 1332 metres = 2 x 666.
Downing Street - St Jame’s Palace = 666 metres.
Downing Street - New Scotland Yard = 666 metres.
Downing Street - National Gallery = 666 metres.
Westminster Cathedral - Queen Victoria Memorial = 666 metres.
Queen Victoria Memorial - Duke of Wellington’s Memorial = 666 metres.
St Paul’s Cathedral - Bank of England = 666 metres.
St Paul’s Cathedral - Barbican = 666 metres.
Tower of London - London Bridge = 666 metres.
Bank of England - Cannon Street Station = 666 metres.
Bank of England - Fenchurch Street Station = 666 metres.
Bank of England - Liverpool Street Station = 666 metres.
Bank of England - London Bridge  = 666 metres.
Lambeth Palace - Westminster Abbey = 666 metres.
Marble Arch - Roosevelt Memorial = 666 metres.
Piccadilly Circus - St James’s Palace = 666 metres.
St Pancras - Euston Station = 666 metres.
Southwark Bridge - Blackfriars Bridge = 666 metres.
Hungerford Bridge - Westminster Bridge = 666 metres.
Westminster Bridge - Lambeth Bridge = 666 metres.
Westminster Abbey - Piccadilly Circus = 1332 metres = 2 x 666.
Piccadilly Circus - Wellington’s Memorial = 1332 metres = 2 x 666.

Downing Street (home of British Prime Minister Tony Blair) equidistant to:

National Gallery = 666 metres.
St James’s Square = 666 metres.
St James’s Palace = 666 metres.
New Scotland Yard = 666 metres.
Home Office = 666 metres.
The Old County Hall = 666 metres.

Albert Memorial - Natural History Museum = 666 metres.
Royal Albert Hall - Victoria and Albert Museum = 666 metres.
Oxford Circus - St James’s Palace = 2 x 666 = 1332 metres.
National Theatre - St Paul’s Cathedral = 2 x 666 = 1332 metres.
National Theatre - Westminster Abbey = 2 x 666 = 1332 metres.
Admiralty Arch - Buckingham Palace = 2 x 666 = 1332 metres.
Admiralty Arch - Oxford Circus = 2 x 666 = 1332 metres.
Guildhall - Walls of Tower of London = 2 x 666 = 1332 metres.

St Paul’s equidistant to:

Victoria Memorial = 5 x 666 = 3330 metres.
Hanover Square = 5 x 666 = 3330 metres.
Cavendish Square = 5 x 666 = 3330 metres.


  1. Some of these places are very big is the measurement front door to front or 666m to any point within the location?

  2. Baphomet! You should know... We not read the book but we'd say there's a marker of sorts at each of those locations. It could be an Altar, Stone, Statue, pave stone, throne, chair, sacred wall, small mound. That's how we'd do it... We'll read the book...

  3. But, according to the Bible, the source of such a number and so, the number is placed as a HUMAN NUMBER, and a number of a human who would cause all the people to adore him and accept his martial laws or would be killed. Jesus Christ the myth and image and 'one world saviour' constructed by the Church/Jews/Governments/Zionists/Illuminati/Masons/etc?


    1. Indeed, although we feel it's the number of all human beings...

  4. That HUMAN you are referring has free will. This is capital, antichrist can convey towards a different destination than the one supposed to be. If he (antichrist) achieves a clear consciousness and is able to decide what is correct before this big cycle ends, then we can think that Nostradamus foresaw a potential future.

    1. Free will is hard to attain when blasted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with certain idealogies which enforce the predefined outcome. We have infinite choices but if only presented with one set of choices our free will becomes eroded or blurred. Was it my ideas to begin with or was the idea planted in my subconscious by means of media conditioning or street advertising...