Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Eric Cantona says Bring the Banks Down

Football Sensation, Artist, Poet, Philosopher 
Eric Cantona says Bring the Banks Down


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  1. ___________________________________________Attention! BankRun 2010:

    BankRun 2010 is a movement initiated by retired football player Eric Cantona. It organizes a massive collective withdrawals of money from the banks. It is organised on the Internet by a network of Facebook events.

    I thought as many others that the movement initiated by Eric Cantona was spontaneous and naive and thought that I could hang myself to it in order to establish La Nouvelle Économie. After a Skype discussion with Géraldine Feuillien I came to the conclusion that it was a movement whose brain manipulator is still unknown but whose purpose is to establish an economic system probably fascist that will emerge by terror rather than a movement that will foster the economic interests of each of us.

    The page of our community contains instructions concerning measures to be taken before December 7 to preserve your life savings. La Nouvelle Économie