Sunday, 6 March 2011

Hackney Stone Circle Discovery - Pembury Estate

In the last eight months we've discovered three hidden (in plain view) stone circles in Hackney all within a radius of a few miles to the Olympic site of 2012. We've posted blogs on the stone circles of Victoria Park and Hackney Downs and recommend reading those as well. Although the suggestion of this blog is that the energy generated by this circle is being utilised for negative intentions, we also believe that the same stone circle can be used in a positive manner, once those whom enter realise exactly where they stand.  This circle is but a short distance and in direct alignment with the stone circle and stone causeway of Hackney Downs.

Victoria Park Stone Circle
Hackney Downs Stone Circle
 Pembury Stone Circle (Bottom Right)
 Pembury Stone Circle (Bottom Right)
 Pembury Stone Circle 
(aligned with Downs Circle, Ball Court and Church)

 We discovered this by chance as walking past the council estate. Some boulders caught our eye so we ventured onto the estate which under normal circumstances we wouldn't walk through that estate. Our memory of this place dates back to the 1980s and in comparison to the estate where i was raised Pembury was very modern. Hackney was officially the poorest borough in the country, a title its held on countless occasions including only quite recently. This normally means the poorest of poorest are huddled together in the small confines of purpose built brick prisons.  The estate has been plagued by drugs, hardcore personal violence, gang violence, murder, petty crime, domestic assaults and more. We remember when half the estate was hooked on smack then crack. Pembury falls within the media named 'Murder Mile' and only last summer the streets were filled with huge groups of young men standing on the high street selling their illegal wares. We should note that although the whole street could easily become a catwalk of sheer terror at night owing to the areas reputation and the fact that many murders have been carried on this very road. Personally we were never hassled and we walked or cycled past daily. Summer 2010 this estate was used by many street drug dealers which brought a dark undertone to the estate of mostly hardworking people trying to put food on the table and school their children out of this life. This is a real hot-spot for law enforcement only last summer the entire street almost broke out in a riot as police manhandled a woman into a police car whilst two other police filled vehicles looked on. They were surrounded by some very angry people who were ready to explode into violence. 

When we discovered the newly built children play area and stone circle it came as a shock as we knew immediately it was aligned with Hackney Downs and possibly St Augustine.  Lets take a closer look… The play area is called 'Pembury East - Yalding Play Area' We googled the occult meaning of Yalding and found a place name in Kent which had an occult connection with stone circles, witches, black magic but lets put that to one side.

Now look at these photos. I don't know about you but we 'd have trouble allowing our kids to play in this area if only because of the major health and safety implications alone. If a youngster falls in this play area it could be fatal. If the stones were removed the youngster would laugh a fall on the grass or BLUE soft turf off. 

We have stones, mounds, water (blue turf) feature, placed in a square, church just beyond blocks. This playground is much more than a play area, its an energy vortex which was marked out and built by Hackney Council planners and construction contractors. 

Why go to so much trouble to build a child safe play area with the newest technology in safety turfing to place a boulder on top of that MOUND. Even if you don't believe a word we say, its pretty odd don't you agree.  Getting planning permission for a childpaly area in inner London is a tedious affair at best. who in their right mind would sign off the placement of stones / boulders in the middle of a brand new kiddies park. That's why its clear of the intention of this stone circle which is aligned with Hackney Downs Stone Circle which is also built next to a kiddies play area. So within less than a hundred meter's we find two stone circles manifesting the energy of kddies play areas. Do you think its a coincidence?
 How dangerous are those wooden poles? If a youngster climbed it and fell off it could be fatal! 




  1. Interesting. I was googling Hackney Estate when I came upon this post. Now it's a major spot in the London riots...

  2. what are you on dude?

    i want some :)

  3. yes, we noticed that as well...That spot is where most of the trouble occurred...

  4. I have been mapping Leys in London & have discovered that eight lines emanate from the Trafalgar Sq monument, seven lines emanate from the Shaftesbury monument in Piccadilly circus, many war memorials (RAF monument on the Thames & the Bali Bombing memorial) are on placed on Leys (sacrifice). As are the London Eye, the Wellington Memorial, The Great Fire 1666 Monument & the Pyramid outside the royal exchange. I have checked the direction of the energies & also if they are good or bad. I am yet to detect one that is good. Underneath several monuments are underground rooms & tunnels. Time to wake up everyone.

  5. Hello, we'd be interested in sharing ley information if you make contact again. Although we should state from the very beginning that we think there are many positive currents. We're also interested in how you determine whether a ley is good or bad... Thanks for posting