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New Age Games Hackney 2011 and Ley Vortexes

We shot the New Age Games banner and really only wanted to write a short blog about the banner and its placement. When we sat down to do some research and write a few words, we began to see the complexity of writing a blog on the banner. It's an interesting title to apply to such games so to is the photograph chosen to reflect the ideology of the games. A typical sun-worship (new age)  body position and if you notice they are standing on a multifunctional ball court which represents Fertility amongst other things. 

 You Can See The Ley in Background (middle centre)

NOTE: This clearly isnt the actual multifunctional ball court feature in New Age Banner
It is the same type of court and these courts can also found in Hackney Downs

So we googled it and found some outdated information on Hackney Council's websites until eventually finding the programme for April 2011.  It never surprise's us when we discover occult symbolism contained within government literature, so on seeing The Venus Map which came as part of a two page official timetable of events, our response amounted to nothing more than a raising of the eyebrows.

Note: Hackney Parks are either aligned vertically, diagonally or horizontally
Look at the names of the places involved in the games

Venus has many many faces and whilst some may conjure up an image of supreme beauty and admiration encouraged by Roman Mythology. Venus also has a dual occult connection with the Morning Star also known as Lucifer

'Lucifer is a name that in English generally refers to the devil before being cast from heaven. In Latin, from which the English word is derived, Lucifer means "light-bearer" (from the words lucem ferre). It was the name given to the dawn appearance of the planet Venus, which heralds daylight. For this meaning, English generally uses the names "Morning Star" or "Day Star", and rarely "Lucifer".
The New Testament does not name the devil as Lucifer. Use of this name in reference to a fallen angel stems from an interpretation of Isaiah 14:3-20, a passage that speaks of a particular Babylonian King, to whom it gives a title that refers to what in English is called the Day Star or Morning Star (in Latin, Lucifer), as fallen or destined to fall from the heavens or sky. In 2 Peter 1:19 and elsewhere, the same Latin word Lucifer is used to refer to the Morning Star, with no relation to the devil. However, in post-New Testament times, the Latin word Lucifer has often been used as a name for the devil, both in religious writing and in fiction, especially when referring to him prior to his fall from Heaven.' Wikipedia

We've written a few blogs on the sacred geomancy or ley line energy of Hackney Downs, we've also written our personal opinions on how the possibly neutral ley currents might be manipulated to serve a negative purpose. Last summer we cycled through Hackney Downs twice a day and though on most days, normally when cycling from the vortex centre toward the church and New Age Games sign, we feel positive energy though when cycling from the New Age Sign end, the energy sometimes feels entirely different.

Note: 13 Stones & 13 Trees (right side) Lead To Ley Vortexes in Centre

Over the past two months we noticed a plaque attached to the first tree at one end of the path and the last tree at the other end. There are 13 trees and 13 stones aligning the right-side and both signs are attached to this group of trees. 

As you can see on the plaque the spirit of 13 young people whom died (many still say murdered) a gruesome death by fire is imprinted onto this section of ley line. The New Cross Fire is in a completely different part of London governed by its own supreme council. We're sure some readers may say it's a good will gesture from a multicultural borough such as Hackney.  To you we say open your eyes and open your mind, truth can only be discovered by shinning a light into the crevices. Hackney Council dedicated this causeway to the memory of death by fire and by council we're not speaking of those charming ladies and gentlemen with low/high level security name tags. We speak of the Supreme Council, who else could govern such large scale occult planning and implementation?

Note: Plaque on Tree Nearest Ley Vortexes in Centre

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