Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Dark Pubs of Hackney

The traditional pubs of Hackney are also connected to occultism, sorcery or magic practices even if the landlords are completely oblivious to the actual definition of the pubs name or indeed the symbolism featured within the very fabric of the location.  The symbols may well be blatant like the ones featured in this blog others are hidden in such details as the pubs address or by the very fact it was built on a ley line / vortex.

We wont argue that all the old pubs are built this way but its clear from all our research that this may well be the case. In Hackney before we even knew what freemasons meant we were made aware as kids that all the pubs were owned by freemasons. Again we're not saying that freemasonry is wrong blah blah blah, most of you don't even know its true history or even care. Like any good willed organisation its gets infiltrated and changed from within.  We are friendly with many different folks and they don't all have dark souls most are happily oblivious and consider such networks as useful tools for personal advancement in business.

Truman pubs are very interesting, many of them have 666 stamped visibly outside for all to see. Yes, its cleverly disguised as the date the brewery was founded but all the same Truman Brewery was founded in 1666.

Their Logo is an Eagle and 1666…

This is one of their pubs just off BETHNAL GREEN road. We'd like to document its name but as you can see from the photo, there doesn't appear to be a name.

Did you notice the decorations?

Doesn't appear to be very friendly! it looks like a demon but lets be frank not just any demon but the one we've come to know through constant conditioning as santa oh sorry did we say santa thats another blog, we mean of course satan.

We're gonna snap more pubs this was just the start…


  1. I'm glad to know that there are people out there who have gripped as to what is really going on, good work keep it up!
    A Dear ones death had always baffled me,a mystery as to say,it was an accident that i ended up listening to Rick Clay(RIP), i started research and now everything's falling into place,name, geometry , numerology, astrology,astronomical alignments the dates,there are too many similarities to be coincidences....

    1. yes, its incredible what happens before our very eyes and even more incredible it been happening for so long. Once you can see it you may better understand it...We agree, its more synchronicity than coincidence...Thanks for message