Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Hackney Ley Markers - Leabridge, Downs, Clapton (birds-eye)

We're still learning Google Earth and put some images together for a birds-eye view of Hackney's powerful ley currents. This image shows various ley markers / indicators in and around the so called Murder Mile. We have yet to mark all the points but given time we hope to have Hackney completely mapped out sometime this year. If you'd like to learn more about negative energy being produced by the idea of a Murder Mile / Hackney Down's vortex please see the related blogs. We highlight murder mile merely as an indicator of what happens when negative energy is manifested byway of influencing an entire community. This particular vortex like many other power centres can be commandeered and redirected as positive energy. If we're all aware of the vortexes in the area we each can contribute byway of bringing positivity to that point. This can be focused by thoughts or a physical item that you've tuned into a positive vibration. The vortexes have many many uses...

1. Top Left: Leabridge Road Roundabout (Lea / Ley)

2. Markers head along Upper Clapton RD / Leading into Lower Clapton (We feel this may indicate a mound) and towards the Olympic site (out of shot middle right)

3. Bottom Left: Hackney Downs (place name)

4. Middle Right: Leads to ST John of Jerusalem / St Augustine Tower


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  1. I lived near there for years.I could see the pyramid from my window. Moved when I got the crap kicked out of me by some skinheads at the exact point of the pyramid on the downs at 11.00pm.
    Also, my birthday 21/12 I was 4 months premature and weighed 1 lb 1 once, on the winter solstice just after 3am, to a pagan mother and humanist father. My older brother who died at 3 months old rests in Abney park cemetery. Does that all seem a little odd to you too?
    And yes, that is my real name!
    I'm not the antichrist,
    Or a very naughty boy =!:o{>