Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The Occult in your Kitchen

I've been doing some spring cleaning and came across some interesting household items that most us see everyday without actually seeing whats in front of our eyes... I'm no expert in these fields but I've put together some possible explanations of the covert symbolism presented to us daily. Having read dozens and dozens of books on the topic and watched hundreds of hours of related documentary footage, i do hope to clear some things up... Whats in your cupboards?



  1. This is jolly interesting, and I don't dismiss all of it. But surely a person can use the same symbolism and not mean it in an occult way.
    (V from Yorkshire, 18/01/11)

  2. Hello V

    Thanks for the feedback and your completely right of course. Our mentors encourage us to use certain symbols within our framework and many people do utilise the symbols for good intentions. The corporate companies that own the brands presented above have way too many products with magic symbolism for a coincidence. And too many symbols are presented for chance...