Thursday, 13 October 2011

Mab-LEY Green and the Olympic Site 2012

We've posted a few blogs on Mabley green, an area adjacent to the Olympic Park 2011. Most of you will recognise it from the huge Olympic boulder placed here at the start of building works on the Olympic site. On this blog we wanted to demonstrate the connection with Ley Lines and the fact this boulder wasn't placed there accidentally. Magick symbols are all around Hackney if you understand what your actually looking at.

This Boulder is Pointing Directly At The Olympic Site
Path of The Ley Line

Ad-LEY Street - Adjacent to Mab-LEY Green

You'll notice from the above illustration LEE Conservancy RD. Lee and Leigh are different names for ley stated Albert Watkins (rediscover of ley lines). Also the A12 which some say is a pyramid with all seeing eye or Capped Pyramid and of course number 12 which also has occultist symbolism. Ad-LEY Street runs off Homerton High Street and Mab-LEY Street and Mab-LEY Estate is on opposite side to LEE Conservancy RD.

 Mab-LEY Street and Mab-Ley Estate in Background
 Olympic Gym on Mab-LEY

 If you take a good look at this gym you'll notice the 2012 Olympic logo decorates the ground. I've seen an aerial shot of the gym and it clearly reads ZION. This means that within but a stones throw away from the Olympic site is the word ZION which can only be read from above. This is one of two gyms in Hackney supplied by Addias with the same floor design.

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