Friday, 17 September 2010

Abney Chapel - NonConformist Apply Only

We've paid a few visits to Abney Park over the last few weeks and each time snapping something new due to the scale of the cemetery. On my first visits i was slightly bashful about taking photos of gravestones because i didn't wish to cause offense. This cemetery is a big part of Hackney's colorful history and was called a denomination cemetery which meant everyone was welcome here regardless of religion or political persuasion. In the time we've been going we didn't get a chance to snap the chapel. While researching the park i happened across a site which claimed there was a pentagram on the chapel along with demonic art painted on a wall out back where satanic rituals take place under the glow of burning wood. We know the cemetery is placed on a complex ley grid of which the chapel seems to be at the center.

We quickly made way to the park quite eager to snap the symbol and evidence of foul play but of course there was no symbol though fire it seems is quite common. Do not get caught in the cemetery after 6pm but not because of the ghouls but due to the nocturnal habits of roaming gay men. 

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