Monday, 6 September 2010

The Hidden - Hackney 2010

Until i reached my early twenties Hackney was my playground since childhood. I have many many fond memories of the local community here and the way everyone stuck together.  It was always a poverty burden borough that was entrenched in traditional parenting and sharing of resources.  Yes this was of course before the heroin epidemic of the late seventies and the beginning of the dark crack years of the nineteen eighties. How these drugs reached council estates in the UK is another story which wont be discussed in this post. Though if you'd like to learn about these topics then researching Gary Webb (RIP) and his book Dark Alliance may shed more light on the subject. 

I cycled all manner of bicycles around the area from a young age and had friends in all corners of the borough which meant i got around quite a lot. All photos taken by myself on this blog are of buildings, places and locations that I've probably passed thousands of times in the past. I purchased a book on Ley Lines written by the re-discoverer of the phenomena namely Albert Watkins fifteen years ago and quickly realised two of our family homes were on ley lines. This was quickly forgotten as the years went by and my interests moved on until i watched a YouTube interview with Rik Clay (rip) on the Olympic site for 2012. I was shocked to learn that Rik had apparently committed suicide shortly after coming out the closet with the information you can find floating around the internet.

I was intrigued by the information presented in the film and carried out my own research of the area. I found documents stating that Hackney was granted to the Knights Templar in the thirteen century which confirmed some of what Rik was outlining on YouTube. Again i soon forgot about the film when one day while cycling through Well Street Common i noticed a newly constructed sun wheel and a series of alarms went off that i couldn't help but follow up.

But what was we going to do with such photographs we were no experts in the field though had studied various subjects such as conspiracies or symbolism. Still this i felt is way too big for us so i decided we'd send the images to someone that can actually make sense of them. Michael Tsarion is the first to say that nothing is carved in concrete and though he may be regarded as a world authority everyday is a school day. Michael encouraged us to produce a blog on the subject and ever since I've made some exciting personal discoveries that we've shared on the web.

The further we fall down the rabbit hole of transformation the more i feel as well as see. In the four weeks i have been posting a variety of wonders have shown their-selves to me. An organised cartel of sick human beings are waging war on our consciousness using a multitude of occult methods to block us from our full potential. Should we be afraid? No, just be aware of your surroundings. Hackney's ley grids may have been hijacked for the wrong reasons but we CAN reclaim that grid and recharge it with positivity while we engage in critical thinking. Small acts can have large effect so go out and help reclaim our grid…  

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