Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Amhurst RD - Ley Vortex and Trouble Spot

X Marks the spot and from here the cross section is clearly visible

Amhurst Road is another trouble spot in Hackney which also happens to be on a Ley Line. This is very similar to the so called Murder Mile just two minutes from here. Remember we mentioned the fact that these currents are being intentionally manipulated by organisations to produce negative energy. How is this achieved? By allowing criminal activity which includes blatant drug dealing, gun running, protection rackets and violent conduct to take place at cross sections on ley lines.

Stoke Newington police station is barely two minutes walk from this particular hotspot yet this section became almost lawless as crack houses, illegal gambling dens, street dealers took over the street for decades. Meanwhile the police station itself had the most charges for police corruption against its officers than any other station in the country.

At the centre of the ley cross section is a listed apartment building. Its history stretches way back but for this particular post we'll focus on the nineteen sixties, seventies, eighties, and nineties.

In the 1960's Britian's most notorious gangsters Ronnie (RIP) & Reggie Kray (RIP) took over a nightclub called The Regency Suite. Although the patrons were very well behaved (out of respect for the owners) some of London's most violent men rubbed shoulders here with beautiful women and TV / Music / Film celebrities. Its been said that the gangsters tortured many people here but don't quote us on that. 

In the 1980's the club was called Willows an Afro-Caribbean hotspot catering for a variety of characters some of whom were heavily armed. Stabbings, Shootings and gang fights were a regular occurrence. In the 1990's the parade of shops opposite the now called Trends nightclub were used to sell drugs to anyone wishing to buy them. It quickly became known as a Frontline and by Frontline its exactly what you've already conjured up in your mind. The dealers wasn't hidden away in dark corners dozens of them would stand out in the street. It was very intimidating for residents on the street especially women but particularly for young men. Thus creating negative energy which was enhanced by the ley current and moved further along the line. This went on for years in this spot under the very noses of law enforcement. Countless shootings took place in this spot over the years.

Today the building is a swank looking apartment block...


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