Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Canada Olympics Unleashes Dark Spirit for 2012 Games?

Did you see the animation being played on TV throughout the Winter Olympic Games 2010? I couldn't believe what i was seeing as this wasn't just hidden in plain view it was completely open. The international games are about athleticism so why they choose an occult theme to represent the games themselves is open to interpretation. During the closing ceremony Shamans were openly invited on the world platform where they were thanked for allowing the games to take place on that particular sacred ground.  So there is an official acknowledgment of shamanic tradition and some could say the animation is a celebration of that esoteric knowledge. What bothered me personally when i first saw it running during the closing ceremonies is that although it shows the masked hockey(?) player destroying the mountain it doesn't actually show the dark spirit being destroyed. Instead it shows the head of the neolithic stone statue returning to its origins which says instead of exterminating the spirit what the masked hockey player actually did was release the dark spirit. 

Ley Markers are clearly used to guide the hockey player to the mountain...This is the reason for posting this clip...Ley Lines are being used in negative ways to help keep humans trapped in nonproductive energy...We can change that by helping to create positive currents even by way of placing your own ley markers enriched with LOVE...

Symbolism is contained throughout the short animation and includes;

Headless Neolithic Stone Statue, 3 Pyramids, Tribal Face Mask, Black Wolves, Black Forest, Fear, Stone Circle, Dark Sinister Black Spirit...

Sorry for angle of next shots...no view finder on cam...

Masonic G directly under the torch...Coincidence?

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