Thursday, 5 August 2010

2012 - London Zion - The New Jerusalem?

I found this video online and thought I'd present it to you not necessarily as truth but merely observation. I cant say i agree with the floods, famine etc though i do know it wouldn't be that hard to recreate. The Haarp Technology is a weapon that modifies weather so that parts covered. Chemical companies own all of natures seeds, yes own them, patented nature and the worlds governments allowed a first come first serve patent registration process and the general public wasn't made aware of the pending food drama. So can food become a weapon? Food is being used as a weapon right now in First, Second and Third World countries. We are not endorsing the film because it also contains subliminal images and signs from the very groups they speak of but its not done in a 'look at this' format its subliminal. There are however good factual details on the Olympic site itself which is the reason we've posted here. Once we get time to record all the facts we'll take it down. 

As filmmakers it appears a professional team of writers and editors put this film together it isn't some lad sitting at home with a pirate copy of Final Cut Pro or Director. They call themselves The Light which is highly suspicious, considering the true implications of the Light Bearer and the new age drive to bring everyone into the light. I noticed when questioned the filmmaker said 'hey im an artist yeah, maybe i chose the wrong theme so its not a big deal ok'. No big deal? As a filmmaker, artist and digital media producer i can tell readers that this film was made at great expense in monetary terms, time spent creating high end imagery and then producing the animated film inserts which were sewn together using story-boarding and dialogue scripts. This film is made to very high standards so for the lonesome 'artist' to claim its no big deal he used the wrong theme is quite simply ridiculous. Then why did he use the subliminal imagery without first drawing the viewers attention to the fact? Why give appearance of just knocking something up instead of admitting that every single frame you see is carefully constructed to create maximum impact on viewers. The music and use of the spotlight as a star is a common sign your being duped. So spiritually arm yourself and watch how these clever filmmakers use a variety of Jedi mind-tricks to fill you with dreaded fear whilst presenting half truths.

In 1995 i read a 400 page manual called Matrix by Valdamar Valerian (published 1988) and it said that the very domineering bloodlines that have enslaved the world are the very same sources that will reveal the truth of what they've implemented in order to create a chaotic unstable public with a craving for blood. They dont want a planet of critical thinkers so they wont tell you that every living organ is connected and can be controlled at will by anyone plugged into the source of all creation. 

Always remember its just a ride...



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