Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Mare Street / Paragon Road Ley Markers (Updated)

I've taken some shots of the ley markers on Paragon Road (off Mare St). The reason for doing this is to show that part of this ley line runs from Mare Street, along Paragon Road crosses Chatham Place (school on road called Morningside) into Retreat Place crosses Rivaz Place / Mead Place continues along Retreat Place heading down to Morning Lane and after 15 minutes heading in a straight line you'll wonder into the Olympic site.

1. Map shows route of ley line from Mare Street / Paragon Road

2. The old and current Hackney Town Hall

3. The beginning of this section of the Paragon Road ley line (Para - Parallel Line?)

4. I'm unaware of the buildings original purpose but as a wee lad this was Hackney's main library and if memory serves the children section was is a dome shaped room (don't quote me). The listed building is huge and takes much of the block which was heavily bombed during World War 2. Now part concert hall, conference centre, offices and Barclay's Bank.

5. The back of the library has seen modifications over the years after standing empty for decades. Notice the rounded sun like windows near the top of the building.

6. On the next corner in Paragon Road is this building which served various purposes. Split into two sections originally featuring a post office and British Telecom still has a depot here. The Post Office closed many moons ago and over the last 4/5 years has been taken over by a religious order.

This is the entrance to the BT Depot...Sun symbolism?

7. This is a shot of this section showing BT, Religious Order on left and Knights Templar school on the right. Also note the tower block which is built on a network of ley lines connecting all the tower blocks in Hackney (demolished / still standing). A number of council homes are built along this ley path whilst some blocks of flats are built on cross sections (vortexes).

8. Knights Templar School showing some of the affiliated sponsors / fund raisers.

9. Further along the road are these listed buildings

10. This is probably near the actual cross section of the ley line which indicates a vortex somewhere very near here. In between the blocks of flats you see to the right on Chatham Place is the New Gravel Pit Cemetery and original location of the New Gravel Pit Church (long gone gravestones still in place). Surrounded by a high wall on this side not many people are aware of the private cemetery. Back to this cross section...if you go left you'll find Morningside School but straight ahead this roads leads down to Mead Place.

11. Mead Place is home to the New Gravel Pit (see earlier post) and site of an ancient church with a still standing cemetery which i located to the left of this photograph. To the right of this photograph is Rivaz Place (water is also connected with ley currents) where stands St Lukes Church. Note the sign on the right indicating the numbers of the houses in this block of council flats (often 33 is associated with the thirty three degrees of freemasonry amongst other principles)

12. St Luke's Church on Rivaz Place (next door to Morningside Primary School)

13. Mead Place is home to the New Gravel Pit Church and cemetery (which is still in place behind this fence though no-one is allowed inside) See earlier post for more details

14. Heading back down Retreat Place past many council blocks until reaching Morning Lane (to the right just along Morning Lane was an church which has now been converted into living accommodation. Though if you walked in a straight line towards Hackney Wick you'd finally enter the Olympic site



  1. Rivaz Place is named after an influential family that lived in the area for many years. Francis Rivaz lived in Hackney in the 17th Century in Hugonin House on Church Street, almost opposite what is now the Defoe Inn. Nothing to do with water unfortunately!

  2. Hi there, thanks for your comments...

    If you review the synchronicity of the area you speak of, you'll find lots of information that when viewed individually doesn't really amount to much but when analyzed together they form a bigger picture. Yes the Rivaz family were influential in the area hence the street naming though in my opinion they could've named a street in Stoke Newington (hackney) which is where the family are from. The name wasn't chosen because of their influence it was chosen to compliment the lay markers in the area. At least this is how i read it...

    Thanks again for the comments