Monday, 2 August 2010

New Gravel Pit Cemetery - (Private Cemetery 1810-1970)

This hidden enclosed cemetery remained secret to passing traffic for many years and still does to some extent today. Although the sign states this fence was designed and built in 1999 with the aid of pupils from Morningside School (Victorian School) this cemetery was contained within high brick walls. There were no doors or entrances to the cemetery other than that of residents living on ground floor in an adjacent block of council flats. This in itself was curious because there are very few places for children to play in the area considering hundreds of kids live in the flats and surrounding areas. It was unkempt so no-one with access from the flats would venture into the cemetery as it served no-one but the people buried there. Hackney's ruthless council has been commandeering common land for decades so it leaves no other suggestion other than the people buried here must have been so important the council cant touch the New Gravel Pit Cemetery.

The sign says the railings were designed with pupils and as a primary school we're sure they probably helped inspire the ideas of insects but what inspired the sacred geometry? Also the name Morningside is symbolic in itself but check the bottom of the sign 'The Heart of Hackney' and what of the Groundwork logo? This is the department that approved and funded the plans. You can also see another church merely a stones-throw away which means they were at least six churches within a very small area. If you walked around all the churches it might take five - 10 minutes. Its beginning to appear as if most of the houses and flats in the area are actually on burial grounds. Its also likely Morningside School which is adjacent to the church you see in the distance was built on the said burial ground. This suggests the residential homes, businesses and cemeteries are placed on the same ley-lines.


  1. Really great snapping it's very nice a amazing.gravel pit

  2. Have just discovered that my Great Grandmother went to New Gravel Pits school in the 1880s. Would anyone happen to know if this was on the same site as the chapel?