Wednesday, 18 August 2010

St John at Hackney Churchyard PT.2 2010

St John's Churchyard contains many notable grave sites from centuries ago which all point to the fact Hackney was an important place for many different reasons. As mentioned in side notes we're not really interested in the colorful background of this famous borough as too many sites attempt to do that anyway. Some stones have an Egyptian style and others bare sun symbols. The engravings on older stones cannot be read and many you'd be surprised to learn are literally just thrown together in one corner of the churchyard which is also a main causeway for pedestrians going to the shops on the main road. I'll post something about that later but for now intrepid explorers take a look at these photos...


St John Churchyard - The Tower 13th Century

Hackney Downs to St John's Cemetery Ley Markers 

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