Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Hackney Downs to St John's Cemetery Ley Markers

1. The beginning of this section of the ley line is indicated by the stone circle in the centre of this shot. It so happens as with many city sites a children's playground is adjacent to the stone circle and causeway that shows the direction of the current. I've walked through this site many times over the summer without even noticing the stone circle and causeway and then one day as with most findings posted to this blog, the ley's more or less just appeared to me. The main current i believe runs down the boulder aligned causeway towards a church (indicated by the lines running from centre to bottom right - 4 o'clock).

2. As you can see the boulders make up the stone circle which has been hidden in plain view.  There's actually two / three vortex centre's here, another is just past that bench to the right. Directly right off camera is a new children's play park, there's also a drinking water feature far left of this photo. The current flows straight ahead along the boulder causeway. 

3. This is the centre of the stone circle...Do you think its a coincidence the brick work is spiral? It actually marks the exact centre. Its also a circle within a circle if you check the benches they are placed on another circle along with five trees. The boulders are placed on the outside of that zone but lets not forget the other energy center's. (note: this is shot from the other-side of the circle looking towards the position above) The sign is on the fence top left...

4.This shows the second energy vortex which forms part of the main source and the brick work also indicates its centre.

5. This shows the second ring containing the five trees...We didn't get a shot of those grates at the bottom of the trees but will next time.

6. Here again is a water feature connection with ley lines...The boulders and benches to the left appear to be creating another circle...see brick work. The second centre is middle top of shot and the boulder causeway runs top left of shot.

7. Top of the boulder causeway looking from stone circle towards church.

8. This is the last boulder along the causeway (church is white building middle left) If you walk in a straight diagonal line from the rock the next markers are a water feature and church.

9. Water feature and church heading in direction of Clapton Square which is on route to Olympic site.

10.Another water feature in Clapton Square...the next ley marker before crossing Lower Clapton Road (Hackney Police Station side) towards St John and Augustine Tower...We're pretty sure there are many currents cross sectioning through this particular area moving in all directions.

11. If your in any doubt which way the current is flowing the master planners ensured the way was marked for the awakened ones. Alfred Watkins (ley re-discoverer) and other notable ley researchers agree that all ancient churches were built on Ley Vortexes (cross sections). It's also been pointed out that the main entrance to an ancient church was normally built so the energy flows through the front doors. The road marking you see in the photo below is quite rare, I've been driving in London for decades and must confess to only seeing this particular marking HERE. What's different about this marking is the fact that the Pyramid / Triangle is actually pointing the direction of the Ley. Normally this road marking is found at a Give-way Junction though its ALWAYS the other way up so that the square edge faces the road your about to enter. We searched through a database of road markings at Driving Test Success and didn't find any references to the symbol being used on a widely bases to denote the direction of traffic.


 NOTE: There are many markers I'm pretty sure we've missed though rather than use other peoples shots we try to shoot our own. If you know of any markers we've missed please comment and point them out....Remember these currents can be channeled with  positivity...What will you bring to the table?

-----------MORE TO COME----------

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