Wednesday, 4 August 2010

The Murder Mile (Ley Marker) - Hackney

The term Murder Mile is now commonly used to describe the UK's most notorious stretch of road in Hackney. Its curious that the term was given to the area by London media companies eager to capture the general public's sheep-like attention. This anti-human behavior generates huge revenue streams via printed media and outsourced news gathering. Worst of all for us human beings (not citizens, persons or patriots) is this also generates the worst type of fear possible for those that must live or work in the area. 

The term apparently originates in Cyprus during the British invasion so called the EOKA campaign in the 1950s. British forces called Ledra Street in Nicosia the Murder Mile due to the extreme hazards presented to patrolling British troops by nationalist fighters. One would imagine such a place to live up to its name during a period of war so when trained military personnel nickname a place the Murder Mile we're pretty sure it was exactly that.

The Murder Mile in Hackney however is far removed from battle front-line's in faraway countries. Yes, a number of people were killed along this stretch of road due to escalating gang violence in the area carried out by individuals that's feel totally let down and abandoned by the very system put into place to create a free market enterprise. We don't have the numbers so a good guess would suggest that a far greater number of lives were lost in Cyprus during that campaign.

So why did the media and law enforcement so publicly dramatise this place? Who really knows such things other than those at the top involved in the orchestration, what i know is that the so called Murder Mile is placed directly along the path of the ley line that runs from North London, through Stamford Hill right down to a semi-major roundabout called Leabridge Roundabout. It then continues in a straight line down Clapton High Street, Homerton High Street to Hackney Marshes and the Olympic Village. On the straight path it passes many churches, cemeteries, schools, pond, Sutton House, Hackney Hospital (Mental Health), council estates, Olympic Boulder, canal, Hackney Marshes and through the heart of the Olympic site.

By media accounts a club / pub aligning this roundabout is the centre of the murder Mile as a number of the killings happened in these notorious venues. It so happens that a church is directly next door to the pub / club. As a long term Hackney resident I've witnessed varied changes in the area though when it comes to that particular stretch it should be noted this place has long been ignored by the council and left at the will of the economic market and weather. It's attracted what some folk might call undesirables for decades though if you interacted with such folk and asked why they lead a life of crime they will tell you they have no other choices as employment is extremely low in the area and careers are but a determination of self governance or will. In the 1980s and 1990s the media and police called the road a front-line which basically meant lawlessness was allowed to happen under the very noses of law enforcement and in broad daylight.

The point we're trying to make is that this place was intentionally conditioned to produce negative currents which in turned help manifest negativity for those further along the ley line toward Homerton and Hackney Marshes. The title in no way represents the reality but the idea itself is what causes the negative current. Hackney's maze of ley lines were mapped out eons ago and from what we've gathered from our rookie studies of ley lines are the currents can be utilised for positive intentions which is where the whole concept of feng shui originates. You need only a basic knowledge of how to spot a ley line path because all the currents have markers on them to show us human the way. Learn the paths and use them to channel your own positive current. This land, this earth, this universe belongs to every living organism which dwells within it…

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  1. this article was helpful, i live on 'murder mile' it's obviously not as bad as its made out to be but that's negative media for you