Thursday, 5 August 2010

Hackney's Knight Templar Schools (Believe & Achieve)

Orthadox history tell us "The Poor Knights of the Temple of King Solomon" later abbreviated to the Knights Templar was dissolved by Pope Clement V in 1307 and more than 9,000 properties as well as countless pastures, mills and other commercial ventures belonging to the knights were appropriated by the church. The Knights Templar logo is widely used in East London particularly around Hackney where many schools use the motif as their school emblem. This Church of England school has been on this site for decades and is currently being entirely rebuilt from scratch and ready for pupils before 2012. The school is placed on a ley line which runs from Kingsland High Road, down Richmond Road, crosses Mare Street to Darnley Road, Hackney Free School on left. Today a number of buildings have been built on the ley path if you had your back to the school wall looking towards Chatham Place and walked in a straight line within fifteen minutes you'd be walking through the centre of the Olympic site. If you continued down Darnley Road then Elsdale Street it brings you to a large ley line joining Well Street to Cassland Road which also runs past the A12 and a site of great importance before crashing through the Olympic doors.

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NOTE: Though the gates are from a later period the handles may actually be a G

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  1. Templar when time comes, you want to get them out as fast as possible. Twist in another Entrance and as soon as your Twist Checkpoint is done studying update them all to Twist Gates.

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