Tuesday, 3 August 2010

16 Four Point Ley Lines Connects Hackney Tower Blocks

The entire globe is mapped out in a series of ley lines which connect all the sacred locations on the planet. Ley lines have been called different titles over the years including dragon paths and dream lines.  It no surprise then that Hackney has a complex grind of ley lines which connect these sacred paths to places such as Giza in Egypt. Along these paths are certain points that cross section creating a vortex of energy. I wont argue whether they are positive or negative ley currents as i believe them to be neutral, it what we humans bring to the table that determines how this energy is used (I'm no expert). If you wanted to create a negative current then it makes sense to place negative energy at those vortex points thus driving this energy further down the line. In this particular scenario I've found the featured images online which mark the route of ley lines running through hackney connecting in this case tower blocks.

Why tower blocks and how does this help to create negative currents?  Firstly i should point out that many different objects align the entire ley network. Here we're discussing the council built tower blocks that featured prominently in different spots around Hackney. We know that Hackney has long been categorised the poorest borough in the country. Poverty stricken folks are always been lumbered together away from white collar workers or at times blue collar workers. These poor councils estates were purpose built on ley lines to help manifest feelings of hopelessness, ill health, violence, insignificance, unmotivated, lost and forgotten. Such feelings were easily implemented by way of engineered  economic hardships which ensured the poor would get poorer and with it their will to experience life in the way all humans should. Like today it's always been about the battle to feed yourself, your family and keep a roof over your heads. So the hundreds of struggling families in each tower block didn't feel confident enough to produce a positive current because if they cant pay the rent they'd be homeless. This in turn increases local crime rates and the overall feeling of fight or flight. Domestic violence happened frequently in these tower blocks and it must be pointed out that if a person did have a confrontation with another in the block it could well lead to death.

Throughout the nineteen eighties the tower blocks of Hackney were overrun by the biggest infestation of cockroaches in the boroughs history. Yet the council allowed folks to continue living there with billions of insects for years before deciding to blow them up. I had friends in those tower blocks nearest the Olympic site so i visited them many times and witnessed first hand the extent of the cockroach problem. They were literally everywhere and poor jobless residents could do nothing but await their plight. Finally due to the sheer scale of the cockroach nests they decided to move folks out and bring them down. Not before dozens and dozens of council funded visits from pest controllers whom came into your home and sprayed toxic chemicals all around residents homes. Toxic chemicals with warning labels instructing users to stay well clear of sprayed property for at least three days. But where would they go with no money? They needed psychological help from the traumas of cockroachs crawling over their bodies whilst sitting on sofa or asleep at night in bed. These were some angry people with no constructive outlet. Im not some academic speaking of a people i have no connection with, I was raised on council estates in the area and De-educated in the boroughs schools. I've lived around the world but somehow i seem to keep coming back to Hackney we have unfinished business.

So as you have just read to them it makes sense to keep us asleep and fighting one another because the more we do that the more we feed that negative energy which then passes along the current to the next in line. As you may have already guessed this negative energy can also be recharged to positive energy. Remember its what we humans bring to the table that determines the ultimate outcome...

Check out the grinds and if you actually want to see how the current flows then visit the website i got the map from and follow the ley lines yourself.


When the buildings were brought down byway of explosive demolition we're pretty sure everyone along that current would've felt that power surge even if not realising from whence it came.

Photo by Chrisdb1
Photo by Chrisdb1
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  1. Very interesting, I live in a comparable situation in Australia with all the same social circumstances and problems.

  2. This we believe to be true of many countries including down under where we spent many years. The remaining tower blocks in Hackney are standing by ancient churches / cemeteries. This energy can also be utlised by those with a positive vibration. You can help change it... ;)

  3. I lived in these tower blocks in the 80s when a student, we all lived in lots of the flats as the families had been moved out, and lots of students squatted in the flats. I believe we brought positive energy to them .