Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Hackney / London Coat of Arms

Hackney's Tower of Augustine clearly played a major role in the boroughs long history as its been incorporated into the official coat of arms and embraced by the council. Hidden in plain view are the motif's of the controlling fraternities. I should also point out that Stoke Newington / Stepney were originally within Hackney territory and governed by Hackney County Council.

Translation: 'JUSTITIA TURRIS NOSTRA'- Justice is our Tower (Granted 31st May 1924)

Stoke Newington - Translation: Look to the Past and the Future (Granted 12th June 1934)

Stepney - Translation: From Great Things to Greater.
(Granted 8th August 1931)

Holborn - Many Shall Pass Through and Learning Shall be Increased (Granted 23rd May 1906)

London County Council

If you'd like to see a full listing of London's coats of arms with descriptions, designers and dates then visit Civic Heraldry 

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